Hoffmann Reserve Park
Archway to the Hoffmann Reserve from Patricia Allyn Park

The Hoffmann Reserve

7266 State Route 48
Springboro, OH 45066
96.69 acres

Park Superintendent:
E-mail: Tony Hale


This propety has a unique life estate element and is divided into two distinct areas. 
The first is the "Homestead". This area is comprised of the Seller's residence, yard, barns, outbuildings and fences and is 9.159 acres in size. This area is closed to the public until the conditions of transfer of the life estate have been met. 
The second is the "Farm". Starting in 2009 areas of the 87.537 acre property started to be open to the public. 
Patrons of this park, please be aware of signage and boundary markers to ensure you remain on the "Farm" and not trespass onto the "Homestead". Currently, the Hoffmann Reserve is only accessible on foot via Patricia Allyn Park.

Current Amenities

  • Soccer Fields

  • Walking Paths

  • Pond

  • 2 Picnic Areas with Tables and a Grill
  • Echo Valley 18 Hole Disc Golf Course

Future Amenities

  • Expanded Trails

  • Picnic Shelters

  • Picnic Areas