Q:   Is discharging a firearm in the township legal?

A:   Yes, discharging a firearm in the township is legal as long as it is done in a safe manner and during a reasonable time.       It is very important to have an appropriate backstop.  



Q:   Is there a noise ordinance in the township?

A:   The township does not have a noise ordinance.  In the event there are noises that are alleged to be public nuisances       such as a dog barking, a loud party or off road vehicles, the officer will make a determination as to whether it       constitutes a violation bearing in mind the necessity, frequency, duration, reasonableness, locality, time of occurrence       and noise level. 

Agriculture and Business Exemptions

This shall not apply to noises caused by a farm or business operation that are carried on in an area properly zoned for that activity, providing the activity causing the noise is necessary to farm or business operations.

Q:   Where can you make a traffic complaint or request the speed trailer?

A:   Speed trailer requests and traffic complaints can be submitted through:

               Police Services tab

               Speed Trailer requests and Traffic Complaints

Q:   Does the Clearcreek Township Police Department offer fingerprinting?

A:   We offer Web Check fingerprinting through FBI and BCI.  All information is provided in the Police Services tab under       Fingerprinting.

Q:   Are solicitors/transient vendors permitted to sell goods or services in the township?

A:   Yes, solicitors/transient vendors are permitted to sell goods and services as long as they have obtained a permit       through the Clearcreek Township Police Department.  Permits are kept on file at the Clearcreek Township building.

Q:   How do I file a commendation for or a complaint against a police officer?

A:   Contact any supervisor on the “Contact an Officer” page.