Open Enrollment 2021


The Safety Town program was founded by policeman Frend Boals in 1937 in Mansfield, Ohio as a traffic safety education program for children after a child was struck and killed by a car on his way to school.  Safety Town is a program that introduces safety awareness and to prevent possible future accidents. 

Clearcreek Township slowly started building our Safety Town in 2009 and began our official Safety Town program in 2015.  Since the program began we are proud to say we have graduated approximately 1600 children from Safety Town.  The equipment and supplies used to make Safety Town a success was all purchased through grants and donated by local businesses.  If you come across any of the following donors please thank them for making Safety Town possible.  

We are also thankful to Springboro Community Schools for providing a location for Safety Town and also providing the school bus and bus driver to teach the children about bus safety.  We are supported by the Springboro Police Department who provided us with Officer Nicley.  Officer Nicley is the school resource officer for the Springboro Community Schools and teaches the DARE program.  Another supporter is the Clearcreek Township Fire Department who teach our students the fire safety lessons. 


Safe Routes to School - Ohio Department of Transportation

Springboro Rotary Club

Loeb Foundation

Sandy's Towing

Simpkins/Foley Insurance Agency

Rocco Serrao

Kristan Ashcraft

Stephen Halstead and Sandra Goche

Mark Meunier 

Supported by:

Springboro Community Schools

Springboro Police Department

Clearcreek Township Fire Department 



Safety Town registration will begin Thursday, April 1st at 11:00 A.M. and will remain open until May 1st, at 5:00 P.M. This year, all registration will take place online via the links posted below. You will complete your application via the linked form and then receive a confirmation email. Please print this email for future reference as it will contain important information regarding class procedures.

Below you will also find links where you can sign up to volunteer for Safety Town or to become a sponsor.

Through generous donations, children are able to to participate in Safety Town at no cost to their families.

Click here to fill out the Safety Town Sponsor Form. 


Participants and Volunteers, please review our Safety Town Safety Plan (click here)


Student Enrollment

Students must be 6 to 8 years of age as of the class date to participate. 

Classes are held at Five Points Elementary School on Lytle 5 Points Road.  Please enter on the west side of the building at door 3 (there will be a Safety Town banner and police cruisers parked by the entrance). 

We ask that your child arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the start of class to sign in so officers can begin class PROMPTLY at 9 am and 1 pm.  You will receive an email confirmation of your registration and a reminder 6 to 7 days prior to your child's class. 

When picking up your child, you will need to show a valid ID (i.e., driver's license) prior to your child's release.  If someone else (i.e., babysitter, grandparent, etc.) will be picking up your child, they will also need to show a valid ID.  Please be sure to let that person know.  To ensure the safety of your children, no child will be released to anyone without valid ID.  We ask that you please list those you would like to designate to pick up your child on the attached document so we can have them listed on the sign in sheets.

We ask that your son or daughter wear gym shoes (no flip-flops or sandals) and girls please wear shorts or pants (no dresses or skirts) as they will be pedaling cars.

If your child needs to carry an Epi Pen, please make sure they are carrying it at all times during class since we will not be in one location at all times.  Place in a fanny pouch if possible that is marked with their name.  This will also avoid the Epi Pen getting left behind in the school building after it has been closed for the evening

Due to COVID, parents will not be allowed to enter the gym with their children. Temperatures will be taken when entering the building and masks will be required to enter the building. 

Each student will have an assigned bin that will contain their take home papers that cover what lessons we did for those days.  Please be sure to ask your child daily if they were given any papers that may be in their bin.    

Please let us know if your child may or may not eat a popsicle and if not, please provide an alternative for your child. 

Friday is graduation day!  Parents are encouraged to join graduation, we will go over everything the children learned during the week and have a brief ceremony. You will notified of the time for your child's color group.  

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us at (937)748-1267 ext. 0 and we will be happy to answer them for you.


Important Information for Volunteers


Volunteers must work a minimum of 1 week (AM or PM session) and attend all 5 days. An email will be sent to the above email address to confirm your registration dates and a reminder will be sent 6 to 7 days prior to your selected registration. We are in need of 3-4 volunteers per session. We ask that volunteers are a minimum of 11 years of age or older. If your are over the age of 18 you will be required to go the Clearcreek Township Police Department to complete a background check. 

**Please make sure to read the Safety Town Overview and Expectations so you will be prepared and know what to expect when you arrive for your assignment.** 

 Click here for Volunteer Overview and Expectations