Clearcreek Township

Road Maintenance Department

Clearcreek Maintenance
Road Superintendent:     Scott Smith
Phone:   937.748.3350

  Government Center
7593 Bunnell Hill Road
Springboro, OH 45066
Warren County


The Clearcreek Township Road Maintenance Department strives day and night to provide our residents with prompt and efficient service while maintaining public safety.

 The Road Maintenance Department oversees the improvement and maintenance of township roads, including signage, curbs, potholes, roadside mowing, roadside brush trimming, snow removal and the maintenance of drainage ditches within the road right of way. The maintenance staff maintains roughly 90 miles of roadway.

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  • During winter weather, please be prepared and adjust your driving times to allow for a safe commute.
  • DURING THE DEEPER SNOW EVENTS THE MAINTENANCE CREWS MAY COME THROUGH YOUR SUBDIVISION MORE THAN ONCE. The initial pass may be early on and will focus on the centers of the roadways. The second pass may come much later and will involve the widening of the treated area. This is done to help the mail service and to open catch basins for drainage. Yes, you may have to shovel the end of your driveway twice.
  • MAILBOX POLICY - The township will not replace damaged mailboxes due to the snow/slush push from a plow. If a Township vehicle makes contact with a mailbox, we will only replace the damaged mailbox with a standard wood post and box. We will not replace decorative mailboxes, regardless of subdivision mailbox standards. 
    •    Linked HERE are some useful tips regarding mailbox maintenance courtesy of the Warren County Engineer's Office.
  • Sprinkler systems should not be in the right-of-way. All damage will be the responsibility of the property owner. A good rule of thumb to follow: if installing a sprinkler system, please stay more than one foot behind curbs and remain on the backside (house side) of ditches where curbs are not present.
  • In the event that we are predicted to receive a deep snow, please make every effort to get your vehicles off the road. We may not be able to come back and widen the snow push where your vehicle was parked, or, we may have little choice but to 'wall' your vehicle in with plowed snow.
  • Please be mindful that your plow drivers are doing the very best they can to clear your streets in an efficient and timely manner, and your courteousness when speaking to them during an event is appreciated.
  • Portable basketball hoops are not permitted in the street, please. The Township assumes no responsibility for them in the event a vehicle strikes them or otherwise causes damage or harm to vehicles or persons. 

NOT all roads within the township are maintained by Clearcreek Township.

 State Routes        Warren County Roads
48   Lower Springboro Road
73   Springboro Road 
122   Red Lion Five Points Road (Parts)
123   Township Line Road
741   Lytle Five Points Road
    Old 122
Ohio Department of Transportation(513) 932-3030   Warren County(513) 695-3329