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Government Center
7593 Bunnell Hill Road
Springboro, OH 45066
Warren County



Clearcreek Township Government Center Calendar
This calendar displays public meetings and other activities occurring in the Trustee Meeting Room(s) at 7593 Bunnell Hill Rd.
News & Events:
  • Financial Report Vol III 2014
  • Please see calendar (to left) for Trustee Meeting Schedule.  Keep up to date with Trustee Agendas (posted by 5:00 PM on Friday before the meeting), Trustee Audio & Video Files (posted by 5:00 PM the day after the meeting) and Trustee Minutes (posted by 5:00 PM on Friday after receiving Trustee approval. At each meeting , the Trustees approve minutes from the previous meeting. This posting will be at least nineteen days after the initial meeting date).
  • Zoning Meeting Agendas
  • Patricia Allyn Park Fields Calendar
  • Public Notice: Clearcreek Township, Ohio now has its 2014 financial records available for the public on its website at Comments may be directed to Fiscal Officer Linda Oda at or 937-748-126. Sumbitted 1/20/15. Linda A. Oda, Fiscal Officer, Clearcreek Township
  • NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING : The Clearcreek Township Records Commission will conduct a public hearing on March 9, 2015 at 5:00PM at the Clearcreek Township Government Center, 7593 Bunnell Hill Road, Springboro, Ohio  45066 to consider any records to be destroyed, transferred, or otherwise disposed of in accordance with Clearcreek Township’s Schedule of Records Retention and Disposition policy and the Ohio Revised Code.  Anyone wishing more information of the schedule hearing can call the Government Center at 937-748-1267, during regular business hours.