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Welcome to Clearcreek Township, Warren County, Ohio

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Patricia Allyn Park from SR 48
Horse Farm
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Clear Creek & Barn

Go Green for Stormwater!

What does it mean to make your home green for stormwater? Green stormwater practices around your home use plants, soils, and other elements to manage water quality and mimic the natural water cycle. Green stormwater practices retain, detain, filter, harvest, read more …

Records Commission Meeting

Feb 26, 2024
8:55 AM
Trustee Room


Trustee Meeting

Feb 26, 2024
9:00 AM
Government Center


Zoning Commission

Mar 4, 2024
7:00 PM
Gov Center


Soraya Farms Section 9 Stage 3 R-1PUD Review: Staff Report, Stage 3 Application/Intent Letter (January 16, 2024), Soraya Farms Section 9 Record Plan (January 16, 2024), Soraya Farms Section 9 Construction Drawings (January 16, 2024), Clearcreek Township Resolutions: 2492, 32093536 and 4378. Exhibit C Open Space Plan (February 7, 2007), Lot Width Plan (February 7, 2007), Preliminary Plat: C1.00, C1.04, C1.05 (February 7, 2007), Landscape Plan: L1.06 (February 7, 2007), Revised Open Space Text (May 8, 2013), Preliminary Plat: C1.00, C1.04, C1.05 (May 8, 2013), Revised Preliminary Plan (December 2018), Revised Preliminary Plan (November 2023), Warren County Aerial Soraya Farms SW Perimeter (January 17, 2024).

The Creek at Stoneridge HOA

Mar 6, 2024
meeting room