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Advanced Driver Training for Teens

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Advanced Driver Training for Teens

May 15, 2024
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The Ohio Traffic Safety Office Announces 

Free Advanced Driver Training Summer Series for Teen Drivers


COLUMBUS — Free hands-on training is available this summer for teen drivers in Ohio to practice crash avoidance techniques and gain the experience necessary to become safer drivers. The Ohio Traffic Safety Office (OTSO) is partnering with three Advanced Driver Training programs to increase access to these specially designed classes that address the leading causes of teen crashes. Newly licensed drivers or teens with a valid temporary permit are welcome to participate in one of these free sessions.


This announcement comes during National Youth Traffic Safety Month, which coincides with the beginning of the “100 deadliest days” – the time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day that historically accounts for more than a third of all fatal crashes.

In 2023, there were 102 fatal youth-related crashes in Ohio during the “100 deadliest days” – about one fatality each day.


Young drivers in Ohio under the age of 24 are involved in 31% of all crashes, but only make up about 13% of licensed drivers.


Advanced Driver Training programs allow students to practice skid recovery, anti-lock braking system (ABS) exercises and other skills with a licensed instructor on a closed course. OTSO recently produced a video and launched a new web page dedicated to Advanced Driver Training to better inform parents about these programs.

LINK: Learn More About Advanced Driver Training in Ohio

Ohio-based Advanced Driver Training providers DriveTeam and Professional Driving Systems will conduct six of the summer sessions. OTSO is partnering with the Ford Philanthropy’s award-winning Ford Driving Skills for Life for the other two sessions.

The Advanced Driver Training summer series begins in June at Nelsonville York High School in Athens County with Professional Driving Systems hosting two sessions per day.


Seven more events will be held across the state through the end of September:


June 8-9       

Nelsonville York High School       

Athens County


June 19-20   

Canfield Fairgrounds                     

Mahoning County


July 6-7         

Professional Driving Systems       

Montgomery County


July 17-18     

Zanesville High School                   

Muskingum County


August 3-4    

IX Center – Cleveland                    

Cuyahoga County


August 7-8    

Lima Senior High School               

Allen County


September 21-22     

Owens Community College

Wood County


September 28-29    

Manheim Cincinnati

Butler County


Parents can register their teens for a session at one of these events by following the link on the calendar on OTSO’s Advanced Driver Training resource web page..

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