Critical Incident Update

Posted on: September 27, 2022


John D. Terrill, Chief of Police


Critical Incident Update

September 23, 2022

CLEARCREEK TOWNSHIP, OH: On July 12th, 2022, Sgt. Nicole Cordero and Officer Eric Ney responded to a domestic violence complaint at 5945 N. State Route 48 in Clearcreek Township. Mark Evers, the resident of this address became the focus of the domestic violence investigation. While attempting to arrest Evers for a violation of O.R.C. 2919.25 Domestic Violence, Evers pulled a handgun and shot Officer Ney in the face. This caused Officer Ney’s immediate incapacitation and inflicted critical injury to Officer Ney, rendering him helpless at the scene. Fearing for her life and the life of Officer Ney, Sergeant Nicole Cordero, immediately engaged Evers with her handgun. During the exchange of gunfire, it was determined that Evers also suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head. Evers was deceased at the scene. Officer Ney was transported via Careflight to Miami Valley Hospital in critical condition. Officer Ney continues to deal with the critical injuries he received from this incident.


On July 12th, 2022, while still at the scene of the critical incident, I formally requested the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation to take command of the post shooting investigation and provide a comprehensive and independent review of our police department and police officers’ actions pertaining to the events of that night to the Warren County Prosecutors Office.


As most of you are probably aware, yesterday David P. Fornshell, Warren County Prosecutor, announced the conclusion of his office’s review of this critical incident. Our Police Department is appreciative of the work done by Mr. Fornshell and his office, the Ohio BCI and the Warren County Corners Office.


Today our police department concluded a review of all applicable police internal policies as they related to this critical incident and have concluded that both officers followed appropriate policy guidelines. 


This critical incident has now been reviewed or had evidence processed by three independent agencies being, David P. Fornshell, County Prosecutor and the Warren Prosecutors Office, the Warren County Coroner’s Office and the Ohio BCI as well as our own internal policy examination. The conclusion is that our officers acted lawfully and within policy. Sgt. Nicole Cordero will be removed from administrative duty and placed back in her role as a shift supervisor. 


John D. Terrill, Chief of Police Clearcreek Township Police Department


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