Posted on: October 25, 2013
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Press Release October 25, 2013

Clearcreek Township Police Increase Patrols for Halloween Week
Clearcreek Township, OH. 

The Clearcreek Township Division of Police wants to remind residents that safety needs to be a priority during the Halloween/Beggars Night season. Despite the concern for candle fires and tainted candy, statistics show that more injuries occur during this time of year due to traffic accidents. Parents can help keep their children safe by adding reflective tape, bags, or a glow stick to their child’s costume. Of course, carrying a flashlight is a necessity. Anything that will help your child be seen by motorists is beneficial. In an attempt to make the season safer, the Clearcreek Township Police will be increasing patrols between October 25th and November 1st at predetermined times and locations. As part of the High Visibility Enforcement Overtime (HVEO) Grant awarded to Clearcreek Township by the Ohio Traffic Safety Office (OTSO) the Division of Police will have extra traffic patrols out focusing on traffic violators and impaired drivers. “The goal is to make the township roads safer for our residents and guests by increasing traffic enforcement,” said Sgt. Wally Stacy, the grant administrator for Clearcreek Township. As a direct result of the grant, Clearcreek Township Police worked forty-four additional patrol hours during the recent homecoming season. These patrols resulted in thirteen additional traffic citations being issued. Contact Sgt. Wally Stacy with questions about the HVEO grant or Clearcreek Township’s Traffic Safety goals.