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Roadway maintenance involves a variety of seasonal operations performed throughout the year. Seven full-time and one part-time Road Department employees maintain nearly 97 center line miles (195 lane miles) of roadway and the accompanying road right-of-way. Maintenance duties include:


Daily Activities:

  • Routine and emergency roadway repairs
  • Emergency roadway obstruction removal
  • Snow and Ice control
  • Rural right-of-way ditch/ berm maintenance
  • Traffic sign repair
  • Roadside weed control
  • Township fleet maintenance
  • Township facility maintenance
  • Service calls for resident-reported road issues.


Yearly Programs:

  • Roadway crack sealing-preventive maintenance (spring)
  • Right-of-way stormwater system management (fall)
  • Rural roadside litter control (winter/spring)
  • Rural right-of-way berm mowing (spring/summer)
  • Rural right-of-way vegetation control (winter)
  • Subdivision street sweeping (fall)
  • Traffic sign inspection (winter)
  • Culvert and catch basin inspection (winter)
  • Stormwater inlet maintenance (spring/summer)
  • Right-of-way subdivision tree trimming (winter)
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