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Knox Box

Knox Box

Knox Box Information

The Clearcreek Fire District encourages all local businesses to consider installation of a Knox key box, as required in all new construction. In an emergency situation, timely access to a building can save both lives and property. The Knox box allows the fire district to have access to the building without property damage. For your security, access to the key box is strictly controlled. Each time the master key is accessed by a firefighter, it must be released and logged by the county dispatch center. 

The key box is purchased by the owner of the building after completion of the Knox Authorization/Order Form, which can be obtained by contacting the Clearcreek Fire District at (937) 748-2766. Once obtained, the form is completed and sent to the Knox Company with payment by the building owner. The Knox box is then shipped open and unlocked to the owner and installed by the owner or a contractor hired by the owner. The key box should be installed near the main entrance of your building. Upon installation of the key box, the owner contacts the Clearcreek Fire District for placement of master keys into the box.

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