Super Bowl Blitz

Posted on: February 14, 2014
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Press Release February 14, 2014

Clearcreek Township Police Release Super Bowl Blitz Results; to Continue Safe Driving Efforts
Clearcreek Township, OH. 

Clearcreek Township had extra traffic patrols out during the national Super Bowl “Fans don’t let fans drive drunk” campaign during Super Bowl weekend. The extra patrols were a part of the Police Division’s effort to make Township roads safer for residents and visitors. Funding for the extra patrols is coming from the Ohio Traffic Safety Office as part of Clearcreek Township’s participation in their High Visibility Enforcement Overtime (HVEO) Grant. Clearcreek Township Police announced that there were no arrests for operating a vehicle while intoxicated during the blitz period. “We believe that this is a direct result of the positive media attention received by this campaign.” said Sgt. Wally Stacy. “People listened and took the steps to make the weekend a safe one.” “The extra patrols for that weekend did result in two additional citations being issued, but all in all it was a successful blitz.” said Stacy. “We will continue to have extra patrols out throughout February as part of the grant.” The goal of the HVEO grant program is to make Ohio’s roadways safer by increasing enforcement of Ohio’s traffic laws. Questions about the High Visibility Enforcement Overtime grant or Clearcreek Township’s Traffic Safety goals can be directed to Sgt. Wally Stacy at 937-748-1267.