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Government Center7593 Bunnell Hill Road Springboro,  OH 45066

Record Request

Clearcreek Township acknowledges that it maintains many documents and records that may be subject to inspection and/or reproduction. Clearcreek Township has adopted the following fee schedule, time and place where public records are available for inspection. 


Reproduction and copying fees associated with these guidelines shall be as follows: 

  • For photocopies of either letter or legal size documents, the fees shall be as follows:
      • For one (1) to twenty-five (25) photocopies, there is no charge.
      • For twenty-six (26) or more photocopies, there is a fee of five cents ($.05) per page beginning with the twenty-sixth (26th) page photocopy. (Two sided photocopies shall be charged at a rate of five cents ($.05) per sheet)
      • For reproduction of large documents the township may have the documents produced faster, using an outside source, at the requestor’s expense.
  • For video or cassette tapes, the fee shall be the replacement cost for the tapes and/or the reproduction (copying) cost for the tapes. Reproduction costs may only be charged if a commercial or professional service is contracted to provide the copy. If the agency creates the copy, a reproduction fee may not be charged.
  • For any other type of media, the fee shall be the replacement or reproduction cost or that particular media.
  • The elected Board of Trustees sets the established fees associated with providing copies or reproductions of public records that are maintained by the Township.
  • Established costs/fees under this policy shall be clearly posted and visible to the public.
  • Public record requests, which exceed fifty pages, shall require prepayment by the requestor. A prepayment invoice shall be prepared and provided to the requestor. Upon receipt of payment, the requested record shall be provided to the requestor.


  • All police records shall be promptly prepared and made available for inspection to any person at all reasonable times during regular business hours.
  • Police records will be available within 3-5 days after the report is taken.
  • Police records may be requested via email. 
  • Copies of police records may be mailed, however, they will only be mailed through the U.S. Postal Service at the first class rate. The requestor will be required to prepay the cost of postage and mailing supplies.

Record requests shall be directed to:

Clearcreek Township Police Department
Attn: Records 
7705 Bunnell Hill Road 
Springboro, Ohio 45066 


Fax: 937-350-5424


Regular business hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (closed most holidays)

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